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Mwen gen yon paj kote mwen eksplike rechèch mwen nan lang kreyòl. Klike sou mo “Kreyòl” nan banyè pi wo a pou nou ka jwenn enfòmasyon yo.)


At heart, I am interested in the intersection of nineteenth-century Haitian literature (1804-1915), expressions of nationalism, and Haitian history. Currently, I am studying Haitian texts which imagine forms of kinship between the fifteenth-century indigenous inhabitants of Hispaniola—the Taino—and nineteenth century Haitians.  Specifically, I analyse how these texts drew upon narratives of the Taino in order to construct “indigenous” Haitian identities rooted in the Caribbean. This research helps us to better understand the strategic use of indigenous histories in nineteenth-century Haiti, while also providing an account of an important precursor to early twentieth-century Caribbean theories of cultural authenticity grounded in Africa.


Since July 2015 I have been an Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies in the Département d’études françaises (Department of French Studies) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.  Within the department, I teach courses on the French language, French Caribbean literature, anticolonial Francophone authors of color, translation, and Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.


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