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La littérature haïtienne dans la Caraïbe: poétiques, politique, intertextualité, November 28-29, 2019 (Paris, France)

Quoi faire des romans du XIXe siècle haïtien? Francesca (1872), l’avènement de la modernité, et les jeux du sort littéraire.

Caribbean Studies Association Conference 2019. June 3-7, 2019 (Santa Marta, Colombia)

“The Fruits of Colonial Botany: How Haitians used Plants to Craft an “Indigenous” Identity”

Canadian Association for Caribbean and Latin American Studies –
CALACS Congress 2019 – May 10-12 (Toronto, Canada)

“Haitian Indigeniety Before Africa: Why Haitians Commemorated Columbus and Dessalines in Henri Chauvet’s La fille du Kacik (1894)”

Showcase of Teaching and Learning at Queen’s, May 2019 (Kingston, Canada)

“How Should We Correct the Mistakes in the Speech of Foreign Language Learners: Assessing the Training of Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in Effective Feedback Strategies”

MLA Conference 2019, Jan. 3-7, 2019 (Chicago, United States)  

New Narratives of Revolutionary and (Post)Revolutionary Haiti: Writing (Post)Revolutionary Haiti in the Long Nineteenth Century –
“The Day Modernity Came to Europe, According to Haiti: Demesvar Delorme’s Francesca (1872) and the Games of Literary Fate”

Showcase of Teaching and Learning at Queen’s, May 2018 (Kingston, ON)

“Undergraduate TA Training and Mentoring : The Case of FREN 499”

Caribbean Studies Conference 2017 (Nassau, Bahamas)

“Archiving Quisqueya: Taino culture as Haitian patrimony in Frédéric Burr-Reynaud’s Poèmes quisquéyens (1926)”

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