Email Policy


Students should limit their emails to serious problems that cannot be addressed during office hours. The vast majority of questions can be answered during Office Hours. Email should not be used for information that is readily available in course materials (syllabus, onQ, etc.) or from fellow students


If you believe your situation warrants an email, please feel free to send me a professional email. If you are unsure of how to write an email to a professor, please consult this amusing take on the genre that gives you a useful template.

Correspondance from any student enrolled in a FREN course should be in French, which adds only a mild wrinkle.  As a general rule, avoid all use of “tu” conjugations; correspondance between professors and students is characterized by the use of “vous”.


Please note that I do not read email between 5pm and 9am, or during the weekends.  Please allow at least 24 hours from the time I have read an email for a response.

(ex. If you send an email at 6pm on Friday night, you can expect that I will read it around 9am on Monday morning, and should likely receive a response by around 9am on Tuesday morning.)

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